As Asian-American business owners, we are proud to be citizens of this country. But there is continuous systematic oppression towards the Black Community. George Floyd’s death is just one example of the many victims (specifically African Americans) who have suffered the same police brutality time and time again. This is a reality for black men, women and children everyday. It is time for change.

We’re a restaurant that proudly serves Vietnamese food to our community. However, we feel it is our duty to listen, learn and educate those around us as well. Black lives matter. As a company, we embrace cultural diversity as one of our core values. With that being said: racism will never be welcomed in our establishment.

We stand with the black community, always and forever.

#BlackLivesMatter #NotSilentJustListeningAndLearning

Here are ways you can help the movement:

  • Join your community’s peaceful protests
  • Provide care packages and first-aid supplies to those protesting
  • Donate to bail efforts
  • Watch videos and educate yourself on the movement
  • Support black-owned businesses
  • VOTE!
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