our bowl is our bond.


Viet-Nomz introduces a modern street-fare concept to the traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Our mission is to showcase the flavors of Vietnam with quality and wholesome ingredients. Inspired by the streets of Saigon, the Nomz team is dedicated to deliver one simple concept: freshness in every bowl.

How was Viet-Nomz created? It’s a simple story, actually. In March 2015, two friends dreamed of opening their own diner and coffee shop. As they were eating at a dine-in Vietnamese restaurant, they realized there were no casual, quick-eat setting for Vietnamese cuisine and coffee. After much discussion and brainstorming, they decided to turn their dream into a reality. In December 2015, three friends officially signed a lease for a location to bring the first and only fast-casual Vietnamese restaurant in the Orlando area!

Along with a lack of Vietnamese quick-service establishments, there was also nowhere to get late night pho. The partners and friends always craved for a hot bowl of pho noodle soup and banh-mi after a long night of studying or partying. When they launched the restaurant, they decided to extend into late night on the weekends to offer the first late-night pho spot in Orlando.

As people grow more health conscious today, they demand nutritious and honest meals in their daily life. That is why the Nomz team serves fresh produce and meat in our entire menu. Our broth is simmered with care to bring a breath of fresh pho in your life. We’ve introduced a unique twist to the Vietnamese cuisine and want each of our customers to experience that in each and every one of our bowls.